Relax in London; Making Bath Bombs with Token Studios

You probably already know about what bath bombs are, seen them all over Instagram and in Lush, and how they can turn your boring bathwater into any colour under the sun. What you probably don’t know about is the process of actually making these marvellous creations. That’s where Token Studios ( comes in; they are a Fulham-based artisan’s nest run by Jos and Jing, with backgrounds each in music and architecture. Together they run the studio on the Fulham Road, an unsuspecting creative hideout, replete with shelves piled high with multi-coloured wool and yarn, and a host of incredible aromas that fill the room.

We had the pleasure of having a one-on-one with Jos as took us through the steps of making the bath bombs. Essentially a good bath bomb has four elements; it fizzes and foams, floats, looks and smells good. To ensure these things Jos explained that it was all about making sure there was a right balance between the four key ingredients for an explosive soapy sphere; sodium bicarbonate, corn flour, citric acid, and Epsom salt. Critically, if you want to make them yourself, Jos said, the higher quality salt the better! So don’t go thinking you can simply at standard table salt to the process and expect good results!


The next, and possibly the most important, stage was selecting the aroma, or the essential oils – ranging from chocolate to sea breeze! A seasonal choice was made (autumn fruits), paired with a deep purple colour (made with all-natural colour extracts) for a classic looking bath bomb. Once all of the ingredients were combined in a bowl, it was time to select what a ‘garnish’; lavender buds, chrysanthemum or forget me nots! We stuck to our guns and went with some rose petals that would be embedded on the side of the bath bombs.

Now, it was time to compact the mixture into the spherical moulds – which is a little finicky at first, but once we got the hang of it we had five or 6 bombs ready to set! Whilst they set, we had a chance to speak with Jos about what he did outside of his 2 year career as a bath bomb connoisseur. He teaches guitar and drum lessons, and is a naturally talented musician. Whilst he usually teaches kids how to play instruments, Jos highlighted that it was surprising how wide the appeal is of bath-bomb making. Token Studios have a range of avid customers: from City grinders to children’s birthday parties.

This highlights what Jos describes as the bath-bomb bug, so why not let it take a hold of you and download the EmptyChair app today!



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