Not-so-spooky Halloween; Succulent Pumpkins with Green & Envy

Halloween is nearly upon us, so we at EmptyChair decided to experience the amazing Autumn succulent Pumpkin Workshop. Led by Lucy Boyd, founder of Green & Envy, the workshop took us through how to create our very own decorative pumpkins adorned with small succulents! The Garrison offered a perfect intimate and private setting in their downstairs room, serving up fantastic Peach Bellinis and Pink Ginger cocktails.

The workshop was excellent; Lucy took us through each step and effortlessly attended to each one of the guests, giving out her floral guidance whenever we were unsure how to best decorate our pumpkins. The arrangements were down to three key elements; what sort of pumpkin you chose (ranging from Guatemalan Festival Pumpkins, metallic spray painted  to your standard jack-o-lantern types!), the mossy base atop your chosen pumpkin, and what succulents you select.

There are so many variations between each of these, and the results were fairly varied! Succulents, to be clear, are small, hardy plants that thrive in very dry environments and make for perfect interior decor. They range in size, texture, colour and extravagance; making them ideal candidates for making our pumping arrangements really pop!


Lucy explained that she and her husband traveled for a year all over the globe: visiting places like Chile, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, to name a few. She enjoyed the hands-on work that she did in these exotic locations, and wanted to bring that ethos back with her to London. Pair this with Lucy’s history working in the theatre doing set design and choreography, visual marketing, and now tasteful floral styling, it’s no wonder that this translated seamlessly into her incredible floral workshop. But it doesn’t stop there, on top of workshops Lucy runs her own floral studio, Green & Envy from which she does everything from wedding bouquets to window installations. So if you’re looking for something amazing, you may have just found it.


If you want to check out other excellent classes led by artisans just like Lucy this Halloween, hit the link to download EmptyChair now!


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