What could a calmer, more focused you do?

We at EmptyChair are all about learning, discovering, and experiencing new things. So, we had the pleasure of attending an Introduction to Meditation – led by Jillian Lavender, Co-Founder of the renowned London Meditation Centre.

Amid the bustle of Covent Garden sits their enviable Neal’s Yard location; a perfect representation of their mission to help people struggling with the noise of life to find focus. Jillian and the LMC teach Vedic Meditation; a form of meditation with roots that date back thousands of years with principles that permeate through many different ancient cultures.


Jillian’s session covered the history and evolution of Vedic Meditation in a modern context, her own journey of learning, and an in depth discussion of the various benefits of calming the mind. The teaching at the LMC has an emphasis on enabling people to meditate wherever they can make time to do so. Essentially, the portability of this form of meditation is hugely attractive for many people. Whether it’s 20 minutes on your commute home, on your couch, or sat in a park somewhere – once a student has the skills, then meditation becomes a powerful tool for life.

If you want to discover the benefits of being taught by Jillian at the London Meditation Centre, or are keen to check out other workshops like this, head to EmptyChair and check it outapple.co/2iujL5x!


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