Precious Ceramics with Fired Treasures

At a colourful studio nestled in the heart of Barnet we at EmptyChair found a group of ceramic crafters. Parents and children alike painted and decorated the adorable figurines lining the walls of the studio.


In the back on the studio a large kiln whirred away, firing the painted creations into glazed masterpieces. Lyuba, a brilliant artist, sat down with us and showed us the basic techniques we’d need to paint our ceramic pieces and soon we were off decorating.


There were plenty of ceramics to choose from, I chose to paint a tea pot but there were all sorts of options available, from garden gnomes with long white beards to little Santa Clauses with a sack full of presents. There was even a cute bunny shaped piggy bank!

In the studio there were all sorts of materials we could use to decorate our artwork. Not only were there paints but also foam clays and silk stencils and lots more. In the corner of the studio I found a really cool pig figurine dressed in foam clay as Wonder Woman.

I chose to stencil a dandelion onto my tea pot and Lyuba sat down with me to explain the slightly more intricate technique of stencilling with silk. We had to mix a thickening agent into the paint and rub it into the stencil with our fingers. The end product was a beautiful tea pot that then got sent to the kiln to be fired.


This class is perfect for both adults and children and we thoroughly enjoyed making our artwork. With Lyuba’s helpful instruction we all created gorgeous ceramics with ease.

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