Love is in the air.

Be honest. Valentines is upon you, but love isn’t. After all, it’s hard to be open-minded about who you date. “You live in Ealing? Sorry, I’m not looking for a long-distance relationship.”

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London is the most densely-populated area in England, and whether your swiping right, inflating your salary on or making awkward conversations at your local gym, it’s still surprisingly hard to meet new people. Hard meaning impossible.

To make things worse, the numbers are against you, too. Television favourite mathematician Rachel Riley reckons that Londoners are more likely to give birth to identical twins than finding love on Valentines. So careful if he offers to take you “up the Shard” …

But say you do find the perfect companion, chances are it will be the usual cliché, boring date: stroll along Oxford Street, Boris-biking around the Serpentine or drinks in Covent Garden. No thanks.

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Fortunately, EmptyChair has been hard at work meeting with local legends to help you get your game on and find love this rosy Valentines. Here are 7 ways to do it:

1. Gareth from Pop-Up Painting

Gareth knows a thing or two about unleashing creativity. Paintbrush in one hand, and wine glass in an another, his weekly themed social painting events leave a lot of things in the dust when it comes to date night ideas. More importantly, use your newly gained painting skills to recreate your very own Titanic drawing scene when you get home.

giphy (5)

2. Charlotte from My Friend Charlie

The name of the game for Charlotte is bringing people together. With an event titled “End your Dry Spell”, there’s really only two reasons why you’d be coming!

3. Mehmet from Coffee Origins

If perfectly sculpted Mehmet doesn’t do it for you, then surely his coffee knowledge will. Set in a cosy environment, be prepared to learn all about what makes a good bean and how to achieve the perfect brew. Definitely on the books if you are planning a long night ahead!

giphy (6)

4. Kay from Leafage

Making a terrarium is already cool enough, but with prosecco and Kay’s master guidance this is a sure hit. You will be squeezing delicate plants in to the small tops of jars and bottles to achieve the ultimate masterpiece – good opportunity to check that your partner knows what they’re doing with their hands.

5. Kirsty from GoCreate

Although she explicitly states that Patrick Swayze is not included, this wheel pottery class is still pretty intense. Get ready to have your hands sliding all over the place and come away with a bowl or two for your well earned memories.

giphy (7)

6. Stuart from Vins Extraordinaires

Stuart’s got the knowledge you need if you’re all too often finding yourself describing wine like you’ve got a foot in your mouth. Excellent wines to taste, and an excellent sommelier to guide you. He’s your go to man if you’re looking to brush up on your wine wooing abilities – want to impress your date the next time you’re out for dinner? Stuart’s got you covered.

7. Lucy from Green & Envy

Lucy runs small and intimate workshops where she walks you through all things flowers; whether it’s finding out what on earth a succulent is, to arranging roses for your special someone! This floral stylist is sure to make your competition green with envy when you can show off how to to flower-arrange like a pro.

giphy (8)

All these experiences can be booked through the EmptyChair app whilst places last. Have fun!


We do not claim ownership of any of the images herein, all copyright and intellectual ownership reside with (“Giphy”).

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