4 Tips to Make the Most of EmptyChair

Do you sometimes struggle to squeeze all the juice out of an orange, or scrape all the jam out the jar? We often do, so in a similar vein, we thought that this week we’d give you some time tips and tricks to make the most out of EmptyChair! This way, you’re sure to find a perfect date night idea or some weekend relaxation. 

giphy (4)

Feature 1: Timetable

If you’re looking for something to do, and you know that your Thursday evening is free for example, our timetable layout is perfect for you. You can see hour by hour, on any given day, what’s on around you.

Feature 2: Filter

The filter feature is a great tool to narrow down your search for an experience tailored to you. You can break down what you’re looking for based on category, ability level, distance, price and rating. So, if you’re after a fun foodie workshop on a budget, or a crafty afternoon around the corner, we can help you find what you’re looking for. You can even jump to a date in the future and plan something special well in advance! 

giphy (6)


Feature 3: Refer a Friend

Referring a friend on EmptyChair is a surprisingly underused feature of our app – who doesn’t want a quick fiver to spend on date night? The process is super simple, just head to Refer a Friend, copy your unique code, and send it to your friends! If they sign up using your code, you’ll land a nice £5 bonus per friend that signs up – great right?

giphy (5)

Feature 4: Explore More

There’s so much more to explore on each individual class! Did you know you can explore future classes or check a map to see where you’re going? Learn more about our creative partners delivering our range of experiences in the Additional Info tab. 


That’s it! We hope this helps you to make the most out of EmptyChair, and to discover something new today!


#KeepDiscovering #EmptyChair


We do not claim ownership of any of the images herein, all copyright and intellectual ownership reside with giphy.com (“Giphy”).

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