“What is so great about the Eiffel Tower?” – Lunchtime Lectures

EmptyChair was doing something completely new today – a new free experience right in the heart of London! 


We are lucky enough to have partnered up with the Victoria and Albert Museum, who offer a range of Lunchtime Lectures, for free, throughout the year. Today, Jonathan Glancey, author of ‘What’s So Great About the Eiffel Tower?’, led us through an exploration of both well known and overlooked examples of the high points of world architecture.

Our journey began with the Eiffel Tower as a point fo reference, and then crossed countries, continents and epochs to explore wonders of architecture from the Pyramids, the General Staff Building in St Petersburg, to the Codrington Library in All Souls College Oxford. Glancey highlights that these structures are often misrepresented or given a superficial veneer.


Many of the most iconic buildings of the world have, to some extent, insidious undertones, be them political affiliations like the Casa Del Fascio in Como (Italy) or the IBM Plaza in Chicago.


Glancey swiftly and comically took us on an architectural journey of both the old and the new, highlighting aspects of world architecture that we had not thought of before!

As we found out, the V&A Lunchtime Lectures are a perfect way to spend a quick 45 minutes of your lunch break learning something completely new! Head to the app to check out all the other fantastic Lunchtime Lectures on offer at the V&A!

#KeepDiscovering Download today! 📲 


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