FriYay Treasure Hunt

FriYay is upon us! To kick start the fun we’ve put together a little Treasure Hunt for you… Only those that complete it are up to win the sunny rewards – a pair of tickets to Paris.

Challenge Accepted.

We love this sorta thing at EmptyChair so thought you might do to 🙂

What you’ll need
– A Sharp Mind
– The EmptyChair app

Each question gives you a one or more letters that can be used in the final answer. The final answer is a two word anagram of your letters.

HINT: Numbers correspond to letters eg A=1, B=2
Final Answer: _ _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _

Question 1:
What’s the difference between the number of quirky classes and those good for a date night? Then add 1. The final number should clue you to a letter.

Question 2:
How many referrals do you need to give out to get a £100 Amazon voucher?

Question 3: 
Start with:

  • Step 1: To each letter perform a unique operation 6, 8, 10, -10, -8, -6
  • Step 2: Add 15
  • Step 3: Divide by 2
  • Step 4: -6

Search for a class with the resulting word (hopefully it’s a real word) and find the skull. Now complete the word Agn__ .

Question 4:
This class is at 15:00 in Fulham on the birthday of someone…

  • famoUS and AUthentic
  • I wasn’t KIDding when I sent famous
  • Once married to the mission impossible – TC

Your looking for the third word in the title.

Question 5:
Now look for an unusual class where you learn how to find lost treasures (hint: use our new A-Z to help you).

Question 7:
Name the logos on our latest EmptyChair blog and send us the answers from left to right, top to bottom to receive the final three letters.

Good Luck



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