Lipstick making! – Teen Friendly

Some of you may know that finding your perfect lipstick is difficult. The texture isn’t right, the colour is too dark.

You know? The usual problems!

Well, we have the perfect solution, make your own! Token studio have the only lipstick making workshop in London and people from all over the world come to do this workshop- When EmptyChair did the workshop there was a lady from Australia.

The workshop started with Jing explaining why she started the workshop after reading up on chemicals that areput in cosmetics. She wanted to create something safe for her and her baby, so decided to offer the lipstick workshop to visitors to Token.

We then got to chose our lipstick mould, there was such a huge range of mould to choose, from classic bullet to rose shape.

Once we had chosen these, it was time to disinfect and mix oils. The oils would form the base of our lipstick and create a moisturising effect for our lipsticks.

Once this had been measured out we added a scent , Jing turned it into a game and had us guess what each of the scented oils were.

Once the scents were added it was time for the fun part! We got to add colour to our mix! The colours were made from Mica which is a natural mineral and comes in hundereda of colours. We all got to choose a colour, sparkles or a glowing powder and this was where we saw our lipstick take colour. Jing then added 2 different waxes to allow the lipstick to set when we poured it.

The mix was heated up and Jing gave us a countdown before we poured into our moulds- this had to be done super quickly before the lipstick set.

Then they lipsticks were cooled and unmoulded. We were so excited by the outcome!

If you want to make your own personalised lippy then check out the EmptyChair app!

Written by Tej- Emptychair Resident Crafter

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