Teen Workshop! Cake Decorating

Essence of Cake combines two of the things Tracey loves the most – baking and teaching. A quiet walk along the high street in the morning brought us to a charming little shop filled with delicious baked goods. The workshops are hosted during the holidays in a small shop, which serves as a cafe all year round.

When EmptyChair arrived, we were welcomed by Tracey, the perfect hostess. As we took our seats and put on our aprons, Tracey introduced herself and told us a bit about what we were about to do. She was very enthusiastic and was eager to help us right from the start.

We started off by using buttercream to practice making blobs, circles, and lines to get used to holding and using piping bags to create different shapes and patterns. Tracey guided us at every step, giving us helpful hints to make it easier for us.

Once we had practised using buttercream, we moved on to decorating our first cupcake with floral fondant. We started off by creating a background out of green fondant and placed it carefully onto the cupcake.

We used plungers to create flowers out of orange fondant and then used water to make them stick to each other and the background.

We used the leftover green fondant to make a stem, leaves, and grass; we used cutting wheels

and veining tools to make the leaves look more realistic. We also used ball tools to make the flowers stand out and seem more life-like. Finally, we added a gold pearl to the middle of the flower and lustre dust to the petals.

Then, we moved on to decorating with buttercream to make the cookie monster! We used a closed star nozzle to create the fur with blue buttercream, creating blobs all over the cupcake. We then used white chocolate buttons and black fondant to create eyes and half an oreo where the mouth would be. We had a delicious and adorable treat in no time!

Overall, the workshop was excellent and Tracey was an amazing host, offering help and guidance whenever possible. She also taught us about many of the other tools used to make and decorate cakes and used her experience to help us improve.

Written By Tej – EmptyChair Resident Crafter and Ash EmptyChair Craft Apprentice

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