V&A Europe 1600-1815

This week started with a trip to the Victoria and Albert museum in South Kensington. One of the quieter museums to visit during the school holidays. Here at EmptyChair we tend to visit the museum often getting lost and not really taking in what we are looking at, so we decided to take advantage of the tours they offered via the EmptyChair app.

One tour in particular caught my eye and it was the Europe 1600-1815. The tour began at 12pm at the ‘meeting point’ in the grand entrance where we were greeted by the lovely Pat- who is a volunteer tour guide at the museum.

On weekdays the tours are very small, It was just me on this tour so we were able to have a personal tour where we could ask as many questions as we wanted! Most tours are so full you barely get a chance to talk to a tour guide so this was quite nice for someone who really wanted to immerse themselves in history.

We were taken on a tour through Europe and the changing style and fashions of the era. From the Baroque era all the way to French fashions where something as small as the length of your jacket would show if you were fashionable or not.

Pat talked us through the influence of Asian design on Europe and how a lot of furniture was created for the europeans in the far east.

She also talked me through how the Dutch styles changed to show their protestant beliefs in their homes, showing grandeur in their homes rather than outwardly in their gifting or their clothing.

Museum tours were something we never really considered until we did one, and we think it’s a fantastic way to see a part of a museum that you wouldn’t really see or pay attention to. It gives you a chance to ask questions that you normally wouldn’t get a chance to ask anyone in a museum.

The best thing about the tours is that they are 100% free, run daily, just book yourself in on the empty chair app!

This is just one of the many museum and gallery tours on offer on EmptyChair- so get out there and discover something new  Click here! for more info!

And make sure you check out the tours available on the V&A website

Written by Tej – EmptyChair Resident Crafter

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