V&A intro tour

Ahhh the museum tour.

You all know that we at EmptyChair love a good museum and you might have already read about our Europe 16-18 century tour at the V&A but today EmptyChair want to tell you about the introductory tour at the V&A.

There are four volunteer led tours a day and the cool thing about them is that because they’re led by volunteers they’re all slightly different because each tour guide shows you different pieces in the museum that they may be more interested in!

One could show you more of the Islamic artwork, another could show you something they find interesting in the sculpture gallery. It’s worth doing more than one if you can, they’re also happy for people to drop into the tours as they feel.

EmptyChair were guided around the museum with a group of about 10 others all from around the world. Ritu, the tour guide, began with a short introduction to herself and then went around the group and asked us where we were all from.

She then took us to through to the islamic artifacts room and talked us through some of the focal points of the room as well us giving us more information about the huge rug in the middle of the room.

The tour focused a lot of South Asian pieces and history and this is what Ritu was interested in- as she was from this area originally.

It’s pretty cool to see the museum from someone else eyes and hearing the passion and joy in Ritus face whilst she explained certain aspects of the history of the museum and her favourite pieces really brings the V&A museum to life.

You can find out when the tours run on the EmptyChair app. They’re about an hour long and involve some standing and walking so remember to wear comfy shoes!

Written by Tej – EmptyChair Resident Crafter

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